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3 P's in a Pod

Have you ever thought of what it would feel like to have your very own storybook, written just about you? Your name on the Title page as they describe the contents therein and that they contain grand tales of none other than, why, you.

As an adult,it might please you, bring a bit of a smile to your face. As a child, can you IMAGINE?????????? Why, it might be the grandest of grandest things you never wished for but were lucky enough to receive nonetheless!

Custom Made For Kids does precisely that. In preparing your choice of book to personalize for a child, they run you through a series of 17 different questions from who is the most likely to put this child to bed and what is their birthdate. The hardcover book is approximately 11 inches by 8.75 inches (landscape) in size and has 32 pages of full color illustrations (16 of which contain text).

This is what it will look like when it arrives at your home – bright and colorful and quirky and a bit silly…perfect for my goofy and beloved almost 8 year old. The ladies who created this book and concept, Sarah Headrick and Sarah Rivera , did so out of experience as moms and love. Custom Made For Kids was born out of a desire to give people the opportunity to buy thoughtful, personalized and meaningful gifts for the special children in their lives.

The words are written in a way as well that my 8 year old should be able to read them herself in no time. Not only having a book of her very own make her feel proud and important but being able to read it herself should have her brimming from ear to ear to ear with self confidence.

Now this is not a book written to appeal to any one race, family make up, or culture. I at first was curious about how adoption would be handled in it based on our family make up. But after reading it, I could see there was no place in it for any of those differences. No wonder it won iParenting Media Award Winner for Outstanding Product in the Gift category. It is an outstanding book in my book as well.

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