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The Centsible Life

We love books, and reading. Reading has always been a big part of my life ever since I learned to read. I have been known to stay up all night to read a book, and so far 2 of our 4 kids have inherited the gene for reading. Itís not uncommon to hear us say, ďPut down your books and go to bed!Ē

When I was approached to review a Custom Made for Kids storybook I jumped at the offer. I knew it would be a very special keepsake for my 6 year old. She is just the right age for something so precious, and as an early reader she is just about ready to read it on her own.

The book, The First Adventures of Incredible You, is absolutely beautiful. The art is lovely, the pages are glossy. When you add in the over 20 special places where details about your child, their family, friends, and favorite places are added to the book you realize this isnít just any personalized book. At the front of the book is a special dedication page, which includes a spot for a special message from the sender. The information you fill in includes your childís favorite places to visit, their street, and so many more things that it really does feel like itís written just for your child.

The story is fun, and not at all what I expected. It is a real childrenís book, with rhyming words, and offers a fun peek into their childhood that is sure to make it a keepsake.

When Audrey, my 6 year old, found her special package at home after school one day her face lit up. She was so excited to go through and find all the special spots in the book that were all about her. It has a special spot in her room, and no one is allowed to touch it without permission. Her response when I asked her about the book, ďI loooove that book! Itís so adventurey. And I like that it has my name, and other stuff about me in places. Itís like they wrote it for me!Ē

This is an ideal Holiday gift or birthday gift for a special child in your life. This gift isnít just another thing to add to the toy pile, itís something the whole family will cherish.

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