What is the book about?

The First Adventures of Incredible You is a delightful, rhyming personalized children’s book about the everyday experiences and sensations of a young child. From splashing in rain puddles to cheering on a favorite team to smelling a favorite family food, the personalized storybook tells the story of this child’s first several years of life. By adding the names of special people and places in the child’s life to these universal experiences, the special child in your life will believe The First Adventures of Incredible You was written especially for him or her. The hardcover book is approximately 11 inches by 8.75 inches (landscape) in size and has 32 pages of full color illustrations (16 of which contain text).

How do I order a book?

To create a custom book, just complete the questionnaire. When finished, click the “Submit” button and the book will be added to your cart. To complete the purchase, just Check Out from the shopping cart and the information will be sent to us. We will produce your one-of-kind book with extra care, and you will receive a notification with a tracking number when the package ships.

What if the information I entered turns out to be incorrect?

Please check and re-check the information you have selected for placement in the personalized children’s book. If you are unsure of the accuracy of the information, please use the default options we have provided. Once we receive the order, we create the personalized storybook around the special information you have provided. If the information we receive is incorrect, we will have to start the entire process over to create the book with a completely new order.

What if the child's name is longer than the maximum number of letters allowed in the book?

You may use up to 34 characters to spell out the child’s full name in the opening page of the personalized book. The reason for the limit is so that the words of the personalized children’s book fit properly on the page. Our goal is to provide you with the most professional, highly customized personalized children’s book possible. If your child’s full name exceeds the limit,  contact us!

Does the book work for adopted children?

Yes, of course. We were very careful to word our opening pages to ensure the story would work for adopted children. Our personalized children’s book does discuss the child’s birth date as we assume the parent(s) have designated a certain date for celebrating the child’s birthday even if the actual date of birth is unknown. The custom storybook describes the birth date as the date the child “arrived” on the earth. The personalized children’s book also mentions “the day you came through the front door” (but there is no reference to the child being an infant), so it works for a child of any age.

Will our personalized children's book work for all types of families?

Yes. One of our goals was to make this personalized children’s book applicable to any family. We have made it easy to specify the child’s special name(s) for the parent(s)/ guardian(s) throughout the custom storybook so that any type of family structure may be represented

What if I don't know answers to some of the questions on the order form?

Even if you only know the child’s name and birth date you can create a wonderful gift that is already as customized as other books on the market. We have provided default options for most questions on the order form in the event that you do not know certain pieces of information about the family. We do encourage you however, to answer as many questions as possible. You may be surprised at how much you do know and how easy it is to create a truly unique, personalized children’s book that the child and his or her parents will treasure for many years to come.

Will the book work for twins?

This personalized storybook is intended to be a very special gift for ONE child — given that the book is all about that particular child’s life. Because there are character restrictions in place so that our personalized children’s book remains professional looking and spaced properly — it will be very difficult to include the full names of both twins in one book (and to make the book flow properly).

Can the same family order this personalized children's book for more than one child in their family?

Yes. Each custom storybook has the same illustrations and essentially the same text, but you may distinguish the books from each other by varying the customized information as much as possible. This is a keepsake book that each child will want to have as a memento of his or her early childhood years.

What if the parents of the child receiving the book are divorced?

Each family has different circumstances surrounding divorce and those circumstances may affect the way you want the book to read. Please contact us so we can discuss which pages of the book involve the parents’ names and together we can figure out the best way to include personalized information about the parents so that it reads correctly for your particular family.

What if I need a gift sooner than the promised delivery date?

We know that sometimes despite your best intentions to plan ahead, you might not have the time to wait for the book to be processed and shipped. Contact us for special arrangements.

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