We absolutely LOVE the book. I myself had tears reading it and when my husband read it he had tears as well (mind you this is a big muscle man…but he adores our daughter!)…. We receive a lot of great products every week here at TTW and out of all the luxury strollers, designer clothing and deluxe accessories, this product touched our hearts and perhaps is our favorite product of all time. We can’t wait to gift them to our nieces and nephews and tell our friends and our readers about your fantastic product! (Note: Tot Trends Weekly ended up listing our personalized storybook as their #1 favorite gift to give during the 2007 holiday season)!

Shalla Melton, publisher of Tot Trends Weekly

I am flipping out, no kidding. The book is totally fantastic and every grandparent included got all teary and sentimental reading it. Thank you so much! I’m very excited to feature these and I know our readers will totally love it as much as I do. It’s really nice to see a personalized book for a change where the writing and illustration don’t feel like an afterthought.

Editor of, Liz Gumbinner

I am willing to bet that you’ve never laid eyes on a personalized book quite like this one! The First Adventures of Incredible You…is probably the best personalized item I have seen. Not only does it incorporate your child into the story, but their friends, pets, parents, favorite places, and more!…It is illustrated with rad, groovy and musically inspired drawings that are bold and cool. Throughout the colorful pages, your child will get a glimpse of his or her life: how he came into the world, things he likes to do, and how things might be in the future. I must admit, this book pulled at our heartstrings and had us welling up. It’s hard to explain how great this book is!

Editor of, Laura Seymour

We received the book today. I love it, I love it, I love it!!!!!
Because we have to travel by air to see our grandson, my son hates when we buy things….feeling that the cost of the airfare is the gift. He emphatically told me not to get a birthday gift for Wesley unless I could find something unique and special. You totally solved my problem. I hope as time goes by your company will come up with more ideas for these great books. Thank you!

Barbara M., New York

I received the custom-made book today, and it’s absolutely beautiful! Thanks so much for going out of your way to make sure this was done so well. I also showed it to my husband, and he was really impressed. I have one younger granddaughter (18 mos.), whose birthday is in October, so I’ll be ordering more books from you very soon. Thanks again for the great products and incredible service you provide. I know these full-color, beautifully illustrated books aren’t cheap to produce, but I feel like what I paid was a steal!

Lisa K., Houston, TX

Thank you so much, my granddaughter received her book yesterday and the whole family just loved it. I am sure my daughter will order it for [her] friends. It is a lovely idea and I can’t wait to see my granddaughter to read the book with her.

Aida M., Ontario, Canada

My two books arrived. They are just beautiful. I can’t wait to give them to my granddaughters. I looked for a long time and your book had a beautiful cover and all the things I thought I wanted. Your art work is bright and pleasing to adults and children. I can’t wait to give them these gifts and then be able to enjoy the books with them. Thank you so much.

Martha, Jackson, MS

I had ordered a book for my nephew (he’s two weeks old tomorrow) and the book arrived yesterday! I was in tears reading it and it just came out better than I expected! I decided I will present the book to my sister on her first Mother’s day for precious Evan! Friday’s are mine/Evan’s spending time together day and I can’t wait to read him the story. I know it will mean so much to my sister and brother-in-law b/c I was able to include our loved ones and fun places we love to visit! I’m so excited about the book and will recommend it to all my friends/family!!! Thanks again!!!

Traci P.

I loved the first book I bought and it arrived so quickly! Thanks for offering such a fun, creative and special gift.

Natalie W., Dallas , TX

The book I ordered for our great niece is absolutely adorable. Thank you so much for including the extra name when I called the morning after I placed my order. Great customer service!!

Shirley S.

First and foremost, thank you for creating such a great book for our youngest son. We received it yesterday and all of the kids enjoyed listening to the personalized story while looking at the bright, fun and colorful illustrations. Our oldest wanted it read a second time because she couldn’t believe that it not only included her but also all of the “favorites” (i.e. park, soup, etc.). The quality of the book is superb and it truly will be a keepsake. We have other personalized books but none that match your quality or level of personalization. It will be a gift that I will feel good about giving to others.

Rosemary B.(, IL

My order arrived today… All I can say is, I am completely satisfied with this lovely little book all about my granddaughter! She and her parents will love it! The quality is better than I expected! Wonderful artwork, beautiful layout. Thank you!

Sandy C., Anacortes, WA

OMIGOSH!!! The book came today and it is magnificent!!! I will definitely be placing more orders with you.

Karen S., Edison, NJ

After trying to get away from typical toys that don’t get used or get put aside after a month or two, I decided to buy a Custom Made for Kids book as a birthday present for my son’s best friend who was turning six. Not only is it now his favorite book (he was delighted to have so many friends and family included in the book) and it is now a part of his bed time routine, but his parents, grandparents and aunt all loved it as well. It’s now my new favorite gift to give as I know it will be cherished for years to come.

Sharon D., Oakville, Ontario

I can’t thank you enough for the truly amazing service and for a fantastic book, congratulation on such a well crafted product that is sure to remain a cherished item for the rest of their lives.

Matt F., United Kingdom

We received our custom book this weekend and presented it to Dylan’s parents. They were absolutely thrilled. It is SO well done and beautifully illustrated, too. It will be a treasure for the family!!!!
Thanks so much,

Paul H., Dubuque, IA

I just received my book today – and I cannot WAIT to give it to my goddaughter! She is too young to read it on her own – but I know that her parents will enjoy it as much as she does. And as she gets older – she’ll see all of our names in her very own book. It’s a cute story and a beautifully made book – I recommend to ANYONE who needs a great gift for a child!

Erin L, St. Louis, MO

I just got my book in the mail a few minutes ago. It is SO incredibly creative and cute! I love the story and the illustrations – so much better than your competitor’s book. 🙂 Thanks soooooo much. Tristan is going to love it – can’t wait till his birthday to give it to him. And I can’t wait to order another one after Baby No. 2 arrives in July! I will definitely be showing it to all my friends and family! Thanks again,

Alexis R, Olathe, KS

I am blown away…the quality of the book, the illustrations and text are amazing.

Editor of, Kirsty

This book has quickly become [my daughter’s] favorite bedtime book and I consider it the perfect gift for the holidays. It’s no wonder that Custom Made For Kids won the 2007 iParenting Media Award for Outstanding Product in the Gift category and that they were invited to participate in a gift giving suite at the Golden Globe Awards in January where they will be giving away their books to celebrity parents.

Editor of Celebrity Baby Blog, Teba Beseda

My husband and I read it together and decided it was so special we would wait until Christmas to give it to our daughter. We let our oldest son (age 10) read it and he was amazed. He kept saying: Where did you get this? How do they know our names? This is amazing! The illustrations are beautiful and feel totally now. The text is sweet and gentle. And the customization feels flawless not forced. I love it…It’s a smart and wonderful product.

Editor of, Gabrielle Blair

Just to let you know that I received the book and it is absolutely ADORABLE!! Reading it brought tears to my eyes. My niece is going to love it!!! The illustrations and the words are just superb. I think it is the best customized book I have ever seen and I have received a few in the last year or so.

Owner of, Sarah Gaskin

I want to thank you for such a fantastic experience. I ordered a book for my Nephew on the 6th of December and I got it today (the 10th)! The book is fantastic and just as I ordered it. You guys do a top notch job and I can’t wait for Christmas to get here so I can see his face light up as I read it to him for the first time! I’ll be back…great job!!!

Tara B, Hughesville, PA

This book is a creative, personalized story that makes for a pleasurable read between parent and child. There are multiple opportunities to personalize the story based on a child’s famly, friends and favorite places. The illustrations are attractive and appealing to a range of children age-wise. The rhyming prose was cute and easy to understand for preschool children and older.

Reviewer of the iParenting Media Awards, Custom Made For Kids won the 2007 iParenting Media Award for Outstanding Product in the Gift Category

I just had to drop you a line about the books I received today (as promised) they are AMAZING!! I am so happy I ordered them for my nephew and daughter’s first Christmas – they will be something they will always treasure and our whole family will enjoy reading to them. Thank you!!

Kendra from Rockville, MD

I received my book that I ordered for my daughter’s 2nd birthday. I just have to say what a great book and keepsake it is. I am very pleased with it. Plus, my daughter loves it! Thank you so much!

Melissa B, Lakeville, MA

I am so pleased with my book! I ordered it on 11-18 and it was here by 11-23! Also, I originally entered the wrong birthdate and had a personal call to inform me. A+++ on customer service and the fastest shipping on a personalized gift I have ever received. Thanks!

Kelly D., Smyrna, GA

I just received my order. They are beautiful. So well written and I just love the illustrations. Thanks for getting it to me so fast!

Stefanie S., West Chester, PA

This is the perfect grandparent’s gift to a young child! Other personalized books use only the child’s name while this one is unique because it includes so many special details of the child’s life….including details about the grandparents! I love reading this charming book to my grandchildren and they love it, too.

Suzanne W., Tulsa, OK

Thanks so much for bringing this product to the market! My daughters were adopted from China and I love how this book works for all kinds of children, however they enter their families and whatever their race.

Jennifer H., Scarsdale, NY

We received this book as a gift for my daughter’s 4th birthday, and she loves it! Reading about herself and her family sends her into giggles, and the pictures are vibrant and easily hold her attention. It’s a wonderful addition to our family “scrapbook,” as she’s already shown her name in print to both sets of grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins…I’ll definitely be buying this book as future gifts!

Jennifer L., Hinsdale, IL

My two-year old son was not only delighted by the whimsical, colorful illustrations in this book–but further amazed when he discovered the book was all about him! Both the rhymes/story and vivid characters captivate him every time we pull the book off the shelf! It’s a definite must-buy for upcoming birthday gifts.

Daniela R., Milwaukee, WI

My five month old received a copy of this book as a gift. The first time he heard the bouncy rhythm he squealed with delight and bopped along. Even better than his enthusiastic bopping were the responses of my older children. They adored hearing the experiences they could share with their new brother. My 2 year old son begged to take the book to bed with him he loved it so much!! This is an outstanding customized product, sure to delight every family as much as ours. The Seussian rhythm and brilliant illustrations are sure to make it a family favorite. I highly recommend this product as a former teacher and mom!!

Summer R., Winston-Salem, NC

My wife and I purchased this amazing book for our two grandsons, ages 5 and 7. They really enjoyed them, especially the incredible art work in the illustrations. As a pediatrician, I am aware of the importance for kids of a sense of secure place, an awareness of self as important, and an appreciation of being part of a loving and caring family system. I believe this book provides all that and more.

John F, Racine, WI

I just love this idea! The illustrations are bright and fresh and the story is so fun to read. With all the personalization, it really reads like it was written just for my child!

Elizabeth F., Downers Grove, IL
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